Our Moonshade™ is a short maple cylinder faced with tulip veneer laminated to clear acrylic. It is designed for use over a cool, efficient, 3-watt LED lamp mounted on the wall. The Moonshade splashes a cone of soft, warm light up across the wall, and illuminates the wood grain disc, lighting up the once-opaque, plain shape from within. The natural color of tulip wood runs from buttercream to pale green to dusky tan to magenta-tinted purple. It is a beautiful, underappreciated wood.

The Moonshade is a porthole vision of landscape, horizon and sky, ocean and clouds, the moon. Enter a dark hallway, stairwell, or room, and it provides a welcoming glow. What’s more, where the cone of light hits an adjacent wall or ceiling, a faint line of light at the corner makes the wall seem back-lit. We like to think that James Turrell would be pleased.

New England Modern Moonshades are a feature in guest rooms at Hotel on North in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. To order your very own Moonshade, please call us at the shop (413-229-2656), or send an email. Price $249 plus tax (Massachusetts), shipping and handling.